The ocean rents a hint

I often hear people talk after the extreme heatwave, "the earth is being mean to us".
Kind of this story makes me think there will be nothing to be surprised or disappointed about even if the earth goes down tomorrow. On the other hand, we always hold this cell phone in our hands because we consider the world in this tiny machine will never disappear.
We will be the first humans living in two oceans(Ocean of Nature-Reality/Ocean of Information-Virtual world) at the same time.
The way to live reality mixed with virtual reality forms a new cognitive sense that has never existed before, especially to Millennial and GenZ.
Many of them exist as flesh and data in these Oceans renting domains(ID), float here and there.
These two oceans rent us hints that we exist everywhere and also nowhere. So we float and constantly whisper, "ā€™Iā€™ am here." However, there is no way to know where exactly we are and going to.
Floating in this vast ocean makes me think that 'living existence' is not us, but the ocean. We may be just a buoy giving oceans hints where to go.